What Types of Special Events We Service

Special Events can be any event including competitive sports at any level from high school to professional. Concerts, fairs and other community events are also special events. A Special Event is any that requires additional planning, preparedness and uses the mitigation efforts of your local EMS resources as well as your public safety agencies, which may include local police or fire fighters. We follow all of the guidelines put forth by The American College of Emergency Physicians, FEMA’s “Special Events Contingency Planning Manual” and the “Provision of Emergency Medical Care for Crowds” all in addition to the protocols and policies of your local EMS agencies who regulate our scope of practice in your best interest.

When you have AccuCare Event Medical Services on-site during any Special Event you are assured of having medical care for any type of injury or illness that occurs immediately. Competitive sports often have injuries that need to be attended to quickly so they can transport patients to the hospital for care. When you relying strictly on a response to an EMS call for an injured person, it can be very costly and result in high unnecessary bills as well as wasted time. Most insurance companies and municipalities require on-site medical services in order to insure events.